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Friday, 24 February 2012 22:19

Convert fans to customers with the new LiveJournal LJ Checkout

BY Joash Wee

LiveJournal upgraded 50,000 Singapore blogshops to premier eCommerce stores with the new LJ Checkout system that allows for hassle-free eCommerce, social marketing and happier customers.

LiveJournal has been the home for Singapore blogshops, being Singapore’s largest female blogging and shopping portal. The social media platform attracts over one million unique visitors each month and has launched a localized version in Singapore.

Recently, LiveJournal Singapore announced the upgrading of over 50,000 blogshops in Singpoare with the launch of the LJ Checkout system. This upgrade will see these blogshops being made premier eCommerce stores on LiveJournal.

The system is enabled by two solid partnership with Paywhere Pte Ltd, an Echelon 2011 alumni, and MOLPay Sdn Bhd. According to Dickson Gregory, CEO of Paywhere in the press release, “We are very confident about this partnership. PayWhere is excited to integrate its social e-commerce solution, TackThis!, on Singapore’s premier shopping community and to make online purchases seamless and convenient for everyone. The partnership with LiveJournal is a natural fit since we both aim to encourage community interaction through technology.”

LJ Checkout is a combined product catalogue, shopping cart and online payment system enabled in both Singapore and Malaysia through the two partners mentioned earlier. Users will be able to choose from four available packages and will enjoy an additional 10 percent on these packages that will enable them to run their online stores across multiple social and blogging platforms with no extra effort.

We found a summary of how LJ Checkout can help blogshop owners.
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